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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Metodología heurística utilizando GeoGebra para la resolución de problemas geométricos bidimensionales en estudiantes de secundaria I.E. José Andrés RázuriFernandez Otoya, Fiorela Anai; Sipirán Capristán, Balucy Joe
2022Propuesta de un programa de actividades multimedia basadas en Java Clic para fomentar hábitos de vida saludable en niñosFernandez Otoya, Fiorela Anai; Otoya Altamirano, Roberto Carlos
2022TikTok para el desarrollo de la expresión oral en estudiantes de educación secundariaFernandez Otoya, Fiorela Anai; Esparraga Herrera, Yessi Anahi
2024Uso de tableta para fortalecer la comprensión lectora en estudiantes de cuarto grado de primaria en una institución educativa ruralFernandez Otoya, Fiorela Anai; The purpose of this research is to enhance the habit of reading in students, thus strengthening reading comprehension through the use of tablet applications that help them access extensive and diverse textual material. We worked with students from the fourth grade of primary school from a rural Educational Institution; the MINEDU Reading Diagnostic Test (2021) was used on them. The result of the evaluation showed that in the literal aspect the level achieved prevails in contrast to what was found in the aspects of inference and criticism where they obtained very low levels, indicating that the students show lower than average levels in reading comprehension. The usefulness of technology for students was manifested by the predisposition they showed; The given circumstance is usable for the use of the tablet that the State has provided to strengthen educational development. This insertion of the device in the classroom, the students in terms of their participation, will be assiduous in the different school activities; Therefore, it guides us to suggest this technological means to reinforce educational development by making various activities more dynamic to maintain interest in strengthening reading skills; Delgado Guevara, Denner
2022Video Podcast para mejorar la oralidad en estudiantes del VI ciclo de educación secundariaFernandez Otoya, Fiorela Anai; Cruz Alejandria, Jhina Santa